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Indians Protest against Exco discrimination

An illegal gathering was held in Ipoh to protest the appointment of only one Indian state executive councillor. The gathering fizzled out after police closed roads leading to the Ipoh padang.

Policemen were sent to the scene to monitor the situation after getting wind of the gathering. The policemen left the area around noon after those who had gathered, dispersed.

Menteri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin had on Saturday announced a 10-member exco line-up comprising six state assemblyman from the DAP, three from PKR and one from Pas.

Sungkai DAP state assemblyman A. Sivanesan is the sole Indian representative in the state executive council.

There are four other Indian state assemblymen, including three from the DAP and one from Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

Source: NSTRoadblocks avert illegal gathering

Most likely, they were Indians from MIC. The Indians now felt they were the power-maker and had placed PAS-DAP-PKR in power and as such they deserved to have more representations in Exco seats and also at least an Indian deputy menteri besar or possibly a deputy prime minister.

MIC president S Samy Vellu today blasted the opposition over the lack of Indians in their state executive councils.

Responding to a question on multiracial politics, Samy said the newly formed state governments should have given the Indians two exco positions.

According to Samy Vellu, the sole Indian exco members in the four opposition-controlled states will not be able to provide effective representation for the community, especially with BN still controlling the federal government.

“Why only one? Why are they following just like Barisan Nasional (BN)? Is this what they promised before the elections, they have their own motives.

What about Pahang?

On why the Indians were not given an exco position in the BN-controlled state of Pahang, the MIC president replied: “I will not beg anymore… enough of begging for that and this.”

“If the Pahang state government feels it is better off without an Indian in the exco, fine. We have said what we want and it is up to the state government,” he added.

Samy Vellu also dismissed the suggestion that MIC is being marginalised in BN.

“The opposition tells lies to attract people, we tell the truth. In this last one month, I have learnt one thing, which is how to tell lies to attract voters.

Quizzed on how long he will remain in power, the 72-year-politician quipped: “Until I die. This is what people are saying, they want me to die earlier.”

In his speech earlier, Samy Vellu urged the Prime Minister’s Department to establish a special fund and mechanism for the economic growth and equity ownership of the Indian community.

“When I submitted a special request for the upliftment of Malaysian Indians to the prime minister, he advised us to work with the Economic Planning Unit and extract benefits from them.

“Therefore in the field of economic upliftment and equity enlargement, the federal government must assist the Indian community.

“May God give us the vision, the strength and the endurance to overcome contemporary political challenges,” Samy said.

Source: Malaysiakini: Exco line-ups: Opposition rapped over ‘lies’

It was rumoured that MIC would sent a delegation to meet with Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to discuss the possibility of appointing a second deputy prime minister and they would prefer either Samy Vellu or even Subramainiam to be given the post to proof that there is no discrimination against the Indians. They would also prefer that PAS, DAP, PKR and possibly Umno, should also appoint an Indian deputy president within their party to protect the interests of the Indian community and ensured their success and prosperity in line with the principles as established in the NEP.

Meanwhile, the Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called for the NEP to be implemented to help the Dayaks effectively participate in business so that they can also be as prosperous as the Melanaus and Malays. Newly elected president Tan Sri Leo Moggie said the community needed more assistance than others to succeed in business. “As far as the Dayak community is concerned, they should be given opportunities,” Moggie said. “This was the spirit of the New Economic Policy,” he added.
On the Chinese side, the MCA is looking into how to maintain the Chinese primary schools to ensure that the Chinese Language is allowed to be taught in schools and also to ensure that lion dance tradition is continually permitted by Umno. MCA are more concern with how to win back those seats lost to DAP and they will spent more efforts and fire-spreading propaganda of the secret cooperation of DAP with PAS which is an Islamic party. They know that the Chinese feared the Islamic state concept and the Hudud law and by projecting DAP’s cooperation with PAS it would suffice to instill fears and phobias. The MCA is happy with what they had in the cabinet and do not need any better positions as they had got all the 4-ministries – Local Govt Ministry, Health Ministry,Women, Family and Community Ministry and Transport Ministry; this is enough for them as they can cari makan already. The economics of the ordinary Chinese is okay as MCA knows fully well that the poor Chinese can sell pirated VCD, work for illegal 4-Ds operators and football betting syndicates, assist Ah Long to collect debts, get employment at brothels and mini casinos as it is less competitive sector of which the Muslims would not be clamoring for 30% stakes, massage parlours, and buy projects from Umno. As such, the Chinese don’t need NEP or any form of handouts as they can buy the business opportunities from the Malays, cooperate with the police and the anti-narcotic agency. The worst case scenario is for Chinese men to sell drugs and women to work as prostitute which are lucrative ventures.

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