How come no one blames Mahathir 4 BN losses?


The blame game continues … Former Information Minister (aka UMNO propaganda minister) Zainuddin Maidin (Zam) now blames former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad  for Barisan Nasional’s worst-ever performance in the recent general election. (STAR)

“He must shoulder some of the blame. His various accusations swayed the people to vote against Barisan,” said Zam.

He defended current Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi against BN’s  losses:

It is not right because it is clear that Dr Mahathir is full of anger and uncontrolled vengeance…Mahathir’s “credibility” was “still strong and that his influence on the grassroots, both Malay and non-Malays, is significant. His credibility influenced people into believing what he said and he also lent this credibility to bloggers and websites“.

Zam underscored 3 statements in particular that affected Umno’s and Malaysians’ confidence in the leadership in the run-up to the elections:

(1) When Mahathir said he regretted appointing Abdullah as the Prime Minister;

(2) This was then followed up by Mahathir saying that Abdullah was only meant to be a one-term Prime Minister and that more opposition was needed in Parliament;

(3) The third and most damning statement that was widely accepted by all segments of society was about the role of Deputy Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin (Abdullah’s son-in-law) and his advisers played in the country’s politics and economy – which caused Gerakan adviser Lim Keng Yaik to ask Abdullah to get rid of his advisers.

So, will Mahathir  take the blame for this? Oh, no….according to some, he is beyond balme because he has stepped now. 

For once I agree with Zam, much as I detest the man, that “There have been many opinions in the aftermath of the election but Dr Mahathir being a factor was not really mentioned. (At all!).


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