Speaking of Love… (Read at your own risk)


Hail to brothers and sisters! After a while we meet again in the Rebel & Rock column, where dissatisfactions and reality(facts) meet.Well sweethearts and dudes,I’ve been patrolling around wordpress.com for quite sometime and it’s almost a year by this month,
and basically I’ve seen and done so many things here.

So for this week article I would like to write about cursing at love.I’ve seen a lot of people writing about true love,being hurt,dissatisfactions towards exes,and I could see the word f**k has been used a lot and very well exploited(banyak mat saleh rupanya).But it’s OK I guess,I mean to show the raw pure emotions that comes from the deepest of the bottom of your heart(yeah…that’s pretty deep).

And as I patrolled all around wordpress I noticed that most of us love to write about two things that is none other than the subject,Love or Sex.But I’m here to talk about love,and I understand that it is a very unbearable feeling to be in the state which the phrase,“U’re not in the state I’m in,U’re not heartbroken so U wont understand” will pop out eventually.

And I’ve seen statements as follows:
“Love sucks!”
“I dont believe in love”
“I dont believe in love anymore”
“I dont believe in true love…for now”
(Just WTF is that?…for now?so tomorrow or maybe next week U’ll be in love again?)
“Love is not here anymore”
and bla bla bla…there’s too much hatred or maybe grudges being held towards love.Come to think of it again,the word true love,hmmm…true love?I dont believe in true love?.What’s with plain single word love alone?Isnt love only has one meaning?,that is when we talk about love we are talking about being true or truthful?.Then it’s true after all,that such thing as true love does not exist.Oh well…

Dear sweethearts and bonkers,I know I may sound like Mr.Know-it-all or Mr.Lova-lova,but seriously and honestly,that is not what I’m doing now.Love has never deserved to be blamed in the first place when we are heart-broken or errr….dumped.There’s no such thing as love isnt fair,
love sucks nor love is shit bla bla bla…but one truth about it,love does hurt.

I guess for well we know the saying “no pain no gain” do we?,and to really appreciate anything we have in this life is through ups and downs,thick and thin,tears and laughters,and only then we can define and refine appreciation.In other words,we should be prepared or aware of the consequences might await ahead,so as we being prepared to play the game of love,why make fuss when it failed or not going the way we predicted or wanted?,we cant be winners or losers all our lives can we?.Be glad as we’ve loved and been loved,at least.

Mistakes occured here and there,and it is fated maybe for us to lose our Mr/Miss/Mrs Lover,maybe for being not sincere or not honest or maybe not sincere enough or not sincere at all,for whatever reasons that may exists and qualified to be called reasons.To think about it again with our sane and reasonable mind,shall we blame love itself?,does love really deserve to be cursed at,mocked on and bla bla bla just to satisfy or fullfill our anger caused by heart-broken?

And when we’re about to fall in love again only then we learn to accept and praise love,is that the right way to treat love?Is that the kind of human that knows how to appreciate feelings?Gaze at it, and let’s give it a deep thought,personally I think love itself is hurt being treated this way.

No hard feelings folks.This is just an article.After all,everybody has their own version of love.That’s
all for this week and we shall see each other again soon. – Aqasha

p/s: Listen to this band called Dewa,a song about love – Cintailah Cinta.



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